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This app plays the Touhou project songs by the software synthesizer of SUZUKI PLAN - Video Game System (VGS).
This app is REAL FREE. (No ads and No in-app-purchase)
I'm publishing this app for promotion.
I'm happy, if you purchase NOKOGI Rider or other my apps.
(Of course, it is not required)

How to use:
- Tapping a title (Japanese) to play.
- Pushing back button to exit.
- Pushing home button to play in the background.

About Touhou project:
Touhou project is a most popular Doujin game (indie game) in Japan. The creator of Touhou project is a single creator named ZUN of the team Shanghai Alice. He allows that to create the alternative fictions by the third party in the loose conditions. And, this app is one of that.

About SUZUKI PLAN - Video Game System:
The SUZUKI PLAN - Video Game System (VGS) is my original game machine. However there is no physical machine. VGS is a logical game machine, and there are emulators for the smartphones (Android and iOS) and Windows. VGS has the wave memory sound system as the software synthesizer. This software synthesizer is similar the chiptune sound generator of old game machine. And. I arranged Touhou's songs for this system.

List of contents:
a) Touhou Koumagou
1. theme of title
2. theme of stage 1
3. theme of stage 1 boss (Rumia)
4. theme of stage 2
5. theme of stage 2 boss (Cilno)
6. theme of stage 3
7. theme of stage 3 boss (Hong Mei Ling)
8. theme of stage 4
9. theme of stage 4 boss (Patchouli Knowledge)
10. theme of stage 5
11. theme of stage 5 boss (Sakuya Izayoi)
12. theme of stage 6
13. theme of stage 6 boss (Remilia Scarlet)
14. theme of extra stage
15. theme of extra stage boss (Frandle Scarlet)
16. theme of ending
17. theme of staff credit

b) Touhou Yoyomu
18. theme of title
19. theme of stage 1
20. theme of stage 1 boss (Letty Whiterock)
21. theme of stage 2
22. theme of stage 2 boss (Chen)
23. theme of stage 3
24. theme of stage 3 boss (Alice Margatroid)
25. theme of stage 4
26. theme of stage 4 boss (Sister Prismriver)
27. theme of stage 5
28. theme of stage 5 boss (Youmu Konpaku)
29. theme of stage 6
30. theme of stage 6 boss (Yuyuko Saigyouji)
31. theme of stage 6 boss - another ver. (Yuyuko Saigyouji)
32. theme of extra stage
33. theme of extra stage boss (Ran Yakumo)
34. theme of phantasm stage
35. theme of phantasm stage boss (Yukari Yakumo)
36. theme of ending
37. theme of staff credit
38. unused song (recorded in the RendaiNoYakou ~ Ghostly Field Club)

c) Touhou Eiyasho
39. theme of title
40. theme of stage 1
41. theme of stage 1 boss (Wriggle Nightbug)
42. theme of stage 2
43. theme of stage 2 boss (Mystia Lorelei)
44. theme of stage 3
45. theme of stage 3 boss (Keine Kamisirasawa)
46. theme of stage 4
47. theme of stage 4 boss 1 (Reimu Hakurei)
48. theme of stage 4 boss 2 (Marisa Kirisame)
49. theme of stage 5
50. theme of stage 5 boss (Reisen Udongein Inaba)
51. theme of stage 6
52. theme of stage 6 boss 1 (Eirin Yagokoro)
53. theme of stage 6 boss 2 (Kaguya Houraisan)
54. theme of stage 6 boss (last spell)
55. theme of stage Extra
56. theme of stage Extra boss (Fujiwara no Mokou)
57. theme of ending
58. theme of staff credit
59. theme of last word

d) Extra track
60. Hourai Densetsu (from Hourai Ningyou - Dolls in Pseudo Paradise)
*This song has a few seconds of blank time before starting to play.

Touhou Project: ©1996, ZUN Soft
Hourai Ningyou: ©2002, team Shanghai Alice
Touhou Koumagou: ©2002, team Shanghai Alice
Touhou Yoyomu: ©2003, team Shanghai Alice
RendaiNoYakou: ©2003, team Shanghai Alice
Touhou Eiyasho: ©2004, team Shanghai Alice
Touhou BGM on VGS: ©2013, SUZUKI PLAN

Winodws version:
*It will be downloaded by clicking the "無料ダウンロード".
*"無料ダウンロード" means of "free download".

Tags: most popular touhou couples, 東方原曲アプリ, 東方音楽アプリ.

Recently changed in this version

Notice) I was released the Windows version.
Description → Touhou VGS → Windows

NOTE) Purpose of required permission "WAKE_LOCK": for preventing music from breaking off when your phone (or tablet) became the sleep state.

Changes in this version 1.00:
- bug fix.
- added notification when running in the background.
- expanded the list to 60 rows from 59 rows.
- added twelve songs: No.49 - No.60

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  • (77 stars)

    by Matt Dawson on 27/04/2014

    this is pretty sweet

  • (77 stars)

    by Daniel Fisher on 23/01/2014


  • (77 stars)

    by Kevin Matthew Paler on 08/01/2014

    New songs <3 Thank you so much for the effort! Can't wait again for the new update!

  • (77 stars)

    by Zergessiao MC Cord on 08/01/2014

    It's Good.......

  • (77 stars)

    by Ember Vermilion on 12/12/2013

    lots of good songs for low space usage

  • (77 stars)

    by calvin lee on 11/12/2013

    Hope more bgm will be upload soon

  • (77 stars)

    by Anthony Nguyen on 04/12/2013

    It would be nice if there were more songs on it, maybe from more recent games, but its still a good app.