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24X7 Global News is dedicated to Latest & Top Breaking News. We Provide The Best, Fast News Updates of The Current Affairs around the World. Covering everything from art to airlines, 24X7 Global News is taking the digital age into people's lives, influencing the way they live and respond to changing times, work and transact. In More than 60 Countries, Covering Each and Every News Reports!


✓ Latest Android Look and Feel UI (User Interface)
✓ Read it later (Runs Offline Mode too!)
✓ Automatic Syncing of New Android Articles
✓ Optimized for Android Tablets!
✓ Homescreen widgets to keep you up to date
✓ Mark Favorites - Save All of Your Favorite Articles Directly on your Device.
✓ Fastest and The Lightest News App!
✓ Direct E-Mail option to the Dev inside the App
✓ App Automatically Notifies when latest News is Available!
✓ 24/7 Developer Support!
✓ Low Size
✓ APP 2 SD Supported!
✓ Faster Syncing of News Articles and Photos.
✓ 2 Themes Available : Light and Dark.
✓ High Quality Photos in the Articles
✓ Swipe through Articles
✓ Share stories to a range of social networks, or email/SMS to a friend

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