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Do you know all the tricks of your Android smartphone or tablet in 2018 and much more? of course not. You wanna get the most out of your mobile phone? You wanna some secret and dirty tricks??? IF YEEES, Download this App and enjoy. Take a look on the menu

This app show you all hidden tricks of Android and much more with the most exciting apps and games till now. Besides you can set Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers and themes merely on your phone.

This is the menu:


Andoid Phones Makeover lite :

1 >3 Tips to Organize Your Android Homescreen
2 >6 Ways to Clean Up Apps, Data, and Files on Your Android Smartphone
3 >5 Ways to Boost Your Android Phone\'s Performance
4 >4 Tips to Restore Your Android Smartphone Exterior
5 >5 Tips for Resetting Your Android Smartphone
6 >Android Phone Cases: 4 Shell-Makers Sure to Protect Your Smartphone
7 >5 Ways to Speed Up Your Android Phone in Under 5 Minutes
8 >Smartphone Buyers\' Guide: 7 Things You Need to Know
9 >Android rooting
10 >How to Root Your Nexus, HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4
11 >(Cont)How to Root Your Nexus, HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4
12 >How to Use Android and iOS Together
13 >10 Ways Android Beats iOS 7
14 >Your Smartphone in 2018: 15 Futuristic Features
15 > (Cont)Your Smartphone in 2018: Futuristic Features
16 >Top 10 Best Android Apps
17 >Top 5 Free Text Messaging Apps for Android
18 >Top 5 Car Racing Games For Android
19 >Best Free Office Apps for Android Phones
20 >The Top Easy but Fatal Mistakes You Might Be Making
And finally you can 21 >Set Galaxy S4 Wallpapers

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