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Apple Hacks & News v1.0

This app is for people who like to keep up with everything Apple. But wait isn't this the android market you may be asking your self?

Well many of you might have an Iphone , Ipad , Apple TV , Mac or Macbook or even thinking of updating your Android device be it a phone or a tablet to an apple product. Or even if you want to keep up with the latest Jailbreaking news this is for you

Apple News : get all the latest apple news
Apple Rumors: See what the future holds for apple device
IHacks: Idevice,android hacking news at your fingertips
Ipadnews : All Ipad news and reviews
AppTube: Watch videos of the latest app reviews
Free Games : In depth Reviews of the latest Free Games
Paid Games : In depth reviews of the latest Paid Games
Media Apps : Any apps using photos , videos , cameras HERE!
Jailbreak : All the VERY latest jailbreaking news, Software.
Cydia: Direct tweets straight from the creator of Cydia
App Reviews : General reviews and news of App-store apps

That is a lot of news :)

PLUS added socialize features
Share any article by Email , SMS , Bluetooth , Skype
Like Items and see how many likes and views each article has
Comment and read other users comments

Please take a look and enjoy :)

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