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Aquafadas Viewer for Android is an app to view content that has been created in AVE format using Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.

Your content will be available to test in the app for 15 consecutive days (or 60 days if you have an app license available on your Aquafadas account).

Aquafadas Viewer is the new version of myKiosk.

**This app is essential for testing content before publication**

Aquafadas Viewer lets you test the content while you create it using Aquafadas’ plugins for Adobe® InDesign® or QuarkXPress®, or using Aquafadas Cloud Authoring. Simply send the AVE package to the running Aquafadas Viewer app via Wifi, or use your browser to upload a .zave file using the Aquafadas Viewer inbuilt web server.

- reads any AVE 3.3 documents
- support for AVEMag and AVEPdf variants
- support for digital comics in AVE format
- sync documents using iTunes or Wifi
- link to your Aquafadas account
- supports opening an AVE document from mail or from a URL
- content is no longer accessible after 15 consecutive days (or 60 days if you have validated app licenses on your Aquafadas account)

The AVE format is a rich format designed by Aquafadas for the publishing industry. It is fully modular, and supports a wide range of features, some of them unique in the industry :
- supports for rich components such as : slideshows, galleries, videos, actions, popups, zoomable images, ...
- support for text reflow and reflow templates
- support for Smart Reading

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