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Ausdroid brings you the latest Android news, reviews, rumours and opinion designed for an Australian audience. Ausdroid has run since 2010, and now in 2013 we'd like to introduce you to our mobile app.


* View the latest news, reviews, rumours, updates and podcast episodes
* Save news for offline reading, so you can download your news before you go
* View comments (ability to make comments coming soon)
* View top stories and immediately see the news that matters to you

We're opening up the Ausdroid News app for public use, though it should still be considered a work in progress. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback and we'll do what we can.

Do note, though:

* The ability to disable ads will be present in the next release. It's coming.
* Some features may change without notice. It's a work in progress.
* It's there to be enjoyed, so please do.

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