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Best Brazil news reader. Inculindg O Globo,Abril,R7,Estadao,Terra,UOL Notícias,Correio Braziliense,Yahoo! Notícias,Google Notícias,Lancenet. A one-stop application gives you a quick, easy and clear reading on the latest Brazil news anytime anywhere.

1. O Globo
2. Abril
3. R7
4. Estadao
5. Terra
6. UOL Notícias
7. Correio Braziliense
8. Yahoo! Notícias
9. Google Notícias
10. Lancenet


- Adjust text fontsize
- Add news to your favorites for later reading.
- Choose day mood or night mood
- Offline reading.
- Share news to your friends
- Swipe to view previous or next news, no need to go back to news list view
Thank you:

- Please drop me an email for any bugs or improvment. I will reply within 3 hours.
- You can email me to request adding a news resource.


- (O Globo)
- (Abril)
- (R7)
- (Estadao)
- (Terra)
- (UOL Notícias)
- (Correio Braziliense)
- (Yahoo! Notícias)
- (Google Notícias)
- (Lancenet)

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