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Get updated on the most recent news articles about CES 2014 with the most advanced news app available on the app store.
Never before has the tech industry news been covered by so many news sources in one easy to use interface!
If CES 2014 is your deal and you like being updated on the latest events in the scene - this is the app for you!

First thing first
All the news articles are sorted by their importance to you. Unlike so many other news apps, a sophisticated algorithm has got you covered to make sure the ‘Hottest’ news will be shown first so you will know the most important stuff at first glance.

360° news coverage
This is the only news app with predefined news sources that knows what the story is about and is able to give you more coverage (*when available) to the news article. With a simple long-tap, hit the ‘more coverage’ button and read the same news article from different publications as to your likings.

Favorite topics
You can set up your own CES 2014 news edition by selecting preferred topics like: 4k TV, Digital Cameras etc. and by so create just the right news feed you wish to read. It’s easy and take only 20 seconds to complete!

Social news
With a simple log in to Facebook/Twitter you can see what your friends have shared or commented on on each news article. In addition you would enjoy the benefit of sharing news items directly to your social profile and you could also comment on any news article right from within the app.

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