Combat & Survival November2011



November 2011 edition of Combat and Survival magazine. Full contents below.

Frontline Report 1 / Armoured Recce
Carl Schulze reports from Gereshk on the 9th/12th Royal Lancers in action

British Armour / CVR(T) 235

Armour News 1 / Scimitar 2
The very latest uparmoured recce vehicle takes to the Afghan desert

Frontline Report 2 / Libyan Armour
Yves Debay examines Soviet-built tanks knocked out early in the civil war

Competition / £1000+ Boot Giveaway
OpsSystems give away ten pairs of Counter-Terrorist / SWAT footwear

Firearms / UK FIST
Greg Roberts reports on the latest Surveillance & Target Acquisition elements

Gun Accessories / Accuracy Testing
Greg Roberts shows how to use a Ransom Rest to check rounds are on target

Frontline Report 3 / Precision Fire
Carl Schulze visits the Royal Artillery to see their Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System

Military Survival / Marching Ammo
Bob Morrison tastes the new Danish Summer Wet Pouch Rations as issued in Afghanistan

Armour News 2 / Force Protection
Bob Morrison reports from DSEi 2011 on the latest Ocelot / Foxhound versions

Kit & Camo / DSEi 2011
Bob Morrison photographs a new ballistic helmet, brown boots and US patrol rucksack

Gormley’s Gear / Tried & Tested
Mike Gormley trials a pack saw, approach shoes, rucksack, hydration system and stove

Security Industry / Looking Forward
David Rubens reflects from New York on how the world has changed post 9/11

Plus: Comms, Reviews & Games

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