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    Economister - mobile optimised news reader for The Economist magazine with Offline Reading

    - Text-only article view for fast loading and no distractions
    - Download and save articles for offline reading. Great for when you're on the Tube/Metro/Subway or on a plane.
    - No subscription required: articles are free from The Economist's website

    - Limited to "Leaders", "Britain", "Europe" and "United States" sections only.
    - Full version adds the ability to download several RSS feeds at once in a batch job.
    Upgrade to the full version of Economister to access all sections of The Economist, and download several RSS feeds in one go. (Click "View more from Developer" below.)

    PLEASE NOTE: All content displayed within this app is copyright The Economist Newspaper Limited. The app itself is my creation, but the content displayed by the app (the articles) are written by The Economist.

    I found the official Economist app a little fussy so I made this app instead. It presents the articles in an easy to read format with none of the distractions present on the website. And, because it doesn't load the pictures, the articles load much faster, too. The pictures are replaced with links, so you can still open them in the browser. There is also the option to download an entire section and save it to your SD card, which is perfect for me personally as I spend a lot of time on the London Underground, where I have no internet access. No subscription is required because it uses the articles that are freely available on the website.

    Hopefully you will find it as useful as I do. Let me know if there are any bugs.

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