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Elections Polls 2012 is a poll tracker in your pocket

  • Updated
  • Polls by States, key States featured
  • President and Senate polls
  • There aren't videos, news or other relevant info, just polls
  • Needs more data sources

"POTUS 2012"

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Interested in politics? Then you cannot miss a single detail on one of the most important elections around the World: the election of the President Of The United States (Potus).

Elections Polls 2012 is an app that brings together the latest poll data for US Presidential Election focusing (obviously) on Obama (Democrats) and Romney (Republicans). Sorry for the rest of parties.

It basically displays info divided in three categories. First off, "Battleground" shows global polls outcomes. That's it, Electoral votes count for both democrats and republicans, "needed to win" bar, national poll average (percentage) and Senate seats. From "President" tab you can follow up polls by states, featuring key states and other states which victory from one or another is more evident. Tap any State to see details, charts and survey log (historical election data). Finally, from the third tab "Senate" you can see polls by States for the upper house.

Poll data is taken from a reliable source: electoral-vote.com. This app is a really good to follow voting intention on USA Elections 2012. However, it just focuses on polls. We're missing a comprehensive USA Elections 2012 app for checking polls, news, campaign's viral videos and other relevant elections-related info. Anyway, a little is better than nothing, isn't it? And this little has been well-developed and it's constantly updated. Worthy.

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