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About the project
Euromaidan News is free Android app , the voice of United Ukraine in your smartphone or tablet!

The main goal is provide the operative and unbiased information about the real situation in Ukraine to the world community.

Project website :

Only unbiased information!

- Forming of objective agenda based on the most objective sources.
- Data is transferred from the "authoritative" online media and popular social media profiles and channels.
- Losing of user confidence in the source leads to removal from App.

Project team is not responsible for the accuracy and content of the added sources materials. It’s based on recommendations from users.

Project creators

We are team of enthusiasts from Ukraine

· Against aggression and provocations
· Against disinformation and manipulation of any in information space
· Do not support any political power and action of other states

We trust in the United Ukraine!

Project development

In the near future we plan multiple language support ​​and adapt materials, platform support for iOS and WindowsPhone.


We are open to cooperation!

App users may propose for inclusion in a variety of sources

Online Media
Pages, groups and other social media channels ,
Blogs and user profiles with unbiased view of the situation in Ukraine

Delisting of sources performed on the basis of user requests with evidence of source bias.

Project team makes a decision to exclusion of particular source after assessment of the facts and verifying its authenticity.

Comments, suggestions?

If you want to help the project, mailto We will contact you ASAP!

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