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Flyne is an offline news reader with Feedly and Twitter integration by Falcon Pro developer

  • Polished and smooth UI
  • Holo-layout
  • Offline reading
  • Built-in sources, Twitter and Feedly sync
  • Feedly/Twitter sync is a Premium feature (no trial)
  • List of articles layout would enhance navigation

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"The ultimate reader for News junkies"

Joaquim Verges, the developer of Falcon Pro, is back in business with Flyne, an app that promises to be a new success. Flyne is an elegant news reader with some added-value you'll likely find interesting. Let's focus on them.

First off, Flyne's fed from three different sources: built-in sources (Popular Feeds), Twitter and Feedly. Only the first one is free though. Importing either Feedly or Twitter articles requires an in-app purchase of 1$ (each). Popular Feeds is a compilation of reliable sources sorted by categories (Android, Design, Food, Humor, People...) the user can choose among. It can be good enough if you are a casual news reader but you feel like importing your own sources if you use them in a daily basis. You may ask though, is the buck worth what you get? The answer is yes. Why? Keep reading.

Flyne sync articles for allowing offline reading which is one of the most demanded features for hard-readers since carriers set data plan limits. Now you can sync over WiFi the whole list of RSS before leaving home and read them all on-the-go. In addition, Flyne makes sharing even easier: next to the sharing button, there's a featured button that keeps the last sharing resource you used to share an article.

Flyne's UI is polished and smooth. Set in a Holo-layout, navigation is more than intuitive: tap the top-left corner to display all the source categories with an "unread articles" counter, or "go to newest" and "refresh" from the overflow menu (three dots button top-right corner). Flyne app focuses on content: articles aren't listed, it brings you directly to the article and you can swipe left to jump to the next article. Some may find this useful, however, users with lots of RSS sources would prefer a Feedly-style view (thumbnail headline excerpt) and decided themselves whether opening the article or not. Actually, having the chance to choose one or the other layout would be the optimal solution.

Finally, from settings you can adjust some parameters such as sync interval, sync only over WiFi, cache size, dark/light theme and text size. In a nutshell, Flyne is a customizable, polished and smooth news reader with some interesting features such as Feedly/Twitter sync and offline reading. Currently, one of the best news reader out there.

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