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A Little new way to make (Android) life better.
Since you like FOX News, this application will do that by allowing you to:
- Get the latest news feed
- Expand the message to see it's description
- Filter out & highlight what's interesting to you
- Notify you when new messages arrived.

=== Disclaimer ===
This is an unofficial app.
Not affiliated with the website in any way.
It is a tool of convenience, as you can bookmark the site in the browser and achieve the same result.
By downloading you agree that you do not hold the developer accountable for any unintended infringement of any kind.
All copyrighted work belong to its respective owner (not the developer of this app).
Please support FOX by visiting the website on-line. As the developer, I am merely allowing you to enjoy the FOX News content through an enhanced experience.
This app is no different in functionality than an RSS feed of the mobile website.

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