Get custom push notifications for earthquakes in New Zealand from GeoNet Rapid -
View Impact - the current shaking levels on the New Zealand seismograph network.\
Tell us about the quake - submit Shaking Reports from your phone.

NOTE to upgrading users: please check your settings (while you have internet connectivity), to be certain your push notification settings are set correctly.

If you have any queries or issues regarding this app, please contact us:
* email
* facebook
* Twitter

Features include:
* Displays quakes in a list, view details and their associated shaking reports.
* Submit shaking reports from your phone.
* Filter the quakes list by intensity.
* Receive notifications of quakes that interest you.
* Configurable notification rules, sounds and quiet time periods.
* Share quakes (via SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.).
* Current shaking levels on the New Zealand seismograph network.
* Set preferred home screen
* Read recent GeoNet news articles.

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