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Discover How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own Book Without Costing a Fortune!

Have you always wanted to write your own book and get it published? If you have written a book or even if you have a yen to be a writer, you are probably already aware of the competition in the writing field.

Most of those who submit unsolicited manuscripts to agents or publishing houses are rejected without the book even being read. This can be enough to turn any writer off the idea of writing their book.

After all, if you go through the trouble of writing a book, you certainly want to see it published, right?

Perhaps you have an idea for a book but do not know how to put it together? This is common for someone who is considering writing either a fiction novel or a non-fiction book.

Writing the book may seem easy for someone who has never before undertaken this endeavor, but it can be far from easy. The way the book reads upon completion is not the same way that it comes out of your head.

A book starts with a creative spark - an idea, the title of a song, an image or even a dream that you had - and goes from there. It can be difficult to convey everything concisely in a 200 page book. You have to be concerned about consistency, character building and plot movement in the book.

But if you want to write a book, there is hope for you. If you have the desire to be a published author, the only thing that is stopping you from doing so is yourself.

You can write a book and have it published without it costing you a fortune.

In this book, you will discover exactly just that.

Here is what you will learn inside...

★ Chapter 1 - Getting Started
Finding Your Genre
Writing Styles

★ Chapter 2 - Research Your Book
Local Libraries and Websites
Writing Courses and Groups
Points of View
Past or Present Tense?

★ Chapter 3 - Fiction or Non-Fiction

★ Chapter 4 - Completing Your First Draft
Sketching Out
The Climax

★ Chapter 5 - Rewriting
Reading it Through
Characters and Personality Traits
Tie Up Loose Ends
Take Breaks

★ Chapter 6 - Proofreading Your Book
Proofreading Services
Doing it Yourself

★ Chapter 7 - Finding a Self-Publisher Online
You Don’t Need an Agent
Print to Order Publishing

★ Chapter 8 - Editing For Your Self Published Book
Editing Services

★ Chapter 9 - Printing Your Own Book
Getting an ISBN

★ Chapter 10 - Your Book Is Printed - Now What?
Book Reviews
Writing Articles
Local Bookstores

★ Chapter 11 - Selling Your Book Online
Social Networking
The Power of Online Marketing

★ Chapter 12 - Off-Line Marketing to Sell Your Book
Utilizing the Service of Book Distributors
Leaflets and Flyers

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