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Holo Reader is a really simple news feed reader (RSS/Atom) that comes in pure Holo design. It doesn't have dozens of features but focuses on bringing the news you want to your device. To make it even simpler for you, Holo Reader doesn't even offer any settings. Just try it out and enjoy the simplicity - it's for free.

Holo Reader includes FeedPusher (beta), which enables you to add new feeds remotely from any browser. Just log in to your Google Account on https://holoreader.appspot.com and send feeds to your device (has to be enabled in the App first).

To make Holo Reader look great on all kinds of devices it comes with specific layouts for several screen sizes and orientations, including the Nexus 7.

And the best part: Holo Reader is Open Source! If you want to contribute, search for "holoreader" on GitHub or go to https://github.com/hdodenhof/holoreader directly.

Current features:
* FeedPusher (beta): Easily add feeds to Holo Reader from your desktop computer
* Adding RSS/Atom feeds manually or by browsing to their URL (if compatible)
* Feed discovery (just provide the website's URL instead of the full feed URL to add a feed)
* Browsing feeds
* Reading articles
* Swiping between articles
* Automatic marking of articles as read
* Automatic syncing every four hours
* Manual syncing on demand
* Offline reading (excl. images)

Should you encounter any issues, please consider dropping an eMail instead of giving a bad review right away. Thanks.

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