In The Know Lite




    Twitter Trend/Hashtag/Topic Widget

    "In The Know" is a new Android app that allows you to easily stay up to date on a particular hashtag, topic, or trend via an app widget for your home screen. There is no Android widget to date that provides this functionality, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    This initial version of the app provides a fullscreen widget for your Android home screen that allows you to see the latest Twitter tweets that match your favorite hashtag or search term(s). You can add an instance of this widget for each hashtag or search term you want to stay up to date on. The app allows you to enter your own custom hashtag or search term(s), and it also displays the 30 hottest Twitter trends at the moment. You do not have to sign in to Twitter, as this app searches public tweets to display relevant tweets.

    We have plans to expand the functionality offered if there is demand to do so. So if there is something else you would like the app to do, please let us know. For example, we hope to enable users to easily select a previously entered hashtag or search term in the near future.

    This "Lite" version is a fully functional "free" version of our standard application, but it will stop functioning a few weeks after you install it, and will then prompt you to buy our standard "In the Know" application.