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LA BICICLETTA is the most authoritative italian monthly magazine of road cycling for the people who love riding bikes. It is a modern and updated magazine, indispensable for those who practice or are eager to practice cycling seriously and with a real involvement, either to gain a physical wellness or just for fun or to discover new realities riding a bicycle.
The authors of the articles have the best expertise in the field and their informative features are complete and reliable in order to satisfy all kinds of cyclists. Particularly, LA BICICLETTA is the best referring point regarding the technical aspects of cycling, from all points of view, whether is about products analysis, materials, bio-mechanic aspects, riding techniques, tactics, training, alimentation, health, medicine, fitness and so on. The racing bicycles are tested and fully examined, with their frames, components, accessories, instruments, their technical apparel and all what is needed to feel comfortable about riding a bicycle. Insight reviews are published either on single products or on about wide overviews on the accessories present in the market. Particular attention is given to the newest products.
Every month special sections are dedicated to the long distance ridings (gran fondo) and articles on the great climbs and all the most interesting riding itineraries are published with useful advices and cycle-touristic indications.
Finally, the great competitive cycling is treated with spectacular photos and the features include an accurate analysis of the bikes and the best tactics used by the professional riders.

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