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The December 2011 edition of Martial Arts Illustrated featuring...
fighting talk
MAI editor, Bob Sykes meets Ashley Beck - champion martial artist and coach of Team Evolution - who is carving himself a career as a Hollywood stuntman working on blockbusters such as Clash of the Titans 2. Read all about it on page 8

street mma
John Dawson offers a selection of MMA take-downs suitable for self defence in a street situation.

martial secrets
Emil Martirossian ponders the mystical aspects of martial arts before offering practical self defence advice.

classic fights
The ‘80s was the heyday of Kickboxing - we profile the classic battle between Steve Taberner and Mohammed Iqbal.

stop being fat
ian McCranor presents a simple workout that will test any martial artist’s level of fitness.

santiago dobles
Johnny Silmon meets an outstanding Silat practioner from Miami, Florida.

keysi fighting
KFM’s Andy Norman asks whether martial arts instructors practise what they preach in the dojo.

mma interview
MAI meets Denniston Sutherland to discuss his career in the cage...

felix dennis
Famous as a publishing magnate, poet and activist, Felix Dennis was also the driving force behind the ‘70s Kung Fu boom.

andy lau interview
The Hong Kong superstar talks about his experiences learning Kung Fu for the movie, Shaolin.

jason baird interview
MAI meets this rising star to discuss his martial journey so far.

beyond the mind
Rory Mac Sweeny looks at the philosophy behind the martial arts.

inosanto camp
Michael Wright recounts his excellent experience of the Inosanto Instructor’s Seminar.

biff part 4
David Weeks interviews Jay Dobrin, Phil Chenery and Cliff Needham of the British International Fighters Federation.

the squat solution
Brendan Chaplin talks us through martial arts conditioning utilising the Squat press.

10th legion
An exclusive report from the recent March to Glory MMA event.

Sesan Kata
Andy Moorhouse looks at the history and roots of a kata that features in several branches of Karate.

report & results
MAI looks back at some recent events including the MAI Championships, the WKC British Open and UKASKO National Champs.

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