National Cyber Security 3.0




    Computer Hackers, Identity Thieves and Hi-Tech Scam Artists are taking over the world. Everyday you hear about companies like Sony, FBI even the United States Whitehouse.

    Don’t become the next victim! National Cyber Security ( for Android delivers the latest news and information as it happens 24 hours a day. With over 70 categories and 1500 news feeds from around the world, National Cyber Security covers everything from computer hacking, cell phone security, cyber bullying, events, conferences, videos, computer security job openings.

    This application is for the laymen, computer geeks, students, law enforcement and fellow computer hackers.

    Cyber threats are dominating the news headlines. National Cyber Security gives you up-to- date information about the cyber world. It is perfect for both tech geeks and the technically challenged.

    National Cyber Security was created by Ex-hacker Gregory Evans ( in 2009. Today it’s Managing Editor In Chief, Gregory Scott, a 23 year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), recently retired from the Los Angeles office. Scott worked in Los Angeles and the Washington, D.C. area, where he held many leadership positions in administration and conducted criminal investigations. He recently managed a cyber squad task force that investigated the exploitation and sexual abuse of children in Southern California, resulting in successful outcomes and awards from the United States Attorney’s Office.

    Here are just some of the categories:

    App Exclusive
    Application Security
    Bluetooth Security
    Breaking News
    Business Security
    Cell Phone Security
    Child Safety Online
    Cloud Security
    Computer Forensics
    Computer Hacking
    Credit Card Fraud/Scams
    Cyber Bully
    Cyber Crime
    Cyber Extortion/Sextortion/Sexting
    Cyber Fraud
    Cyber Security Alert
    Cyber Security Industry Watch
    Cyber Stalking
    Cyber Terrorism Watch
    Cyber Wars
    Cyber Wars (Anonymous)
    Cyber Wars (LulzSec)
    Email/Phishing Alerts & Scams
    Ethical Hacking
    Events and Conferences
    FBI Scam & Fraud Alerts
    Featured Stories
    Government Cyber Wars
    Government Security Watch
    Hacker Gear Online Clothing
    Hackers In The News
    Hackers vs. Banks
    Hackers vs. Government
    Hacking Tools
    Identity Theft Watch
    Internet Cyber Law
    Internet Saftey
    IT Audit
    IT News and Information
    Laptop Security
    Law Internet / Cyber
    LIGATT Security In The News
    Moguls and Leaders
    National Cyber Security Radio
    Other Security News
    PCI and Compliance
    Penetration Testing
    Piracy – Software
    Piracy – Software, Music, and Movies
    Prison Time
    Product Announcements
    Security Jobs & Internships
    Security News
    Security Threats
    Security Tips
    Social Media Threats
    Spyware and Malware
    Spyware/ Cyber Snooping
    Tech Jobs
    Video Library
    Wireless Security

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