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NEA KRITI is the largest newspaper and news provider in Crete offering wide range of news about Economy, Crete, Greece, sports, as well as various other categories, providing the Greek reader with a wide variety of arcticles about news as it happens.

This electronic form of the newspaper is optimized for both phones and tablets, while its also available for iPhone and iPad users.

The newspaper comes fully customizable, so you can decide what categories to have available, whether or not you want preview text, and if you do, how many lines to allow. Additionally during the analysis of an article you get the choice to customise as how you want the fonts of the article to be displayed according to your needs.

Additionally, the application provides live streaming of our radio station, Radio9.84.

New feature to the application is the addition of Greek Text-To-Speech (TTS) on the articles so you can choose to listen instead of read the news.

Supports Move App to SD to reserve space in phones with low memory (requires Android FroYo - aka 2.2 or higher).

Includes Web Movies Section. Now the application includes the films and the movie program for all registered cinemas in Crete.

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