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Read all Major Newspapers, News websites and Magazines. All News Channels are divided into several categories like Business, Technology, General, Sports and etc.
You can read news from Indian Majors News papers like
Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, India Today, Indian Express, Google News and etc.

Business Newspapers and News Websites:
The Economic Times ,Business Standard, Hindu Business Line, Business Today , Business Week, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Business Insider and etc.

Technology News Websites:
Tech2, CIOL, PCWorld, TechChrunch, CNET, Wired and etc.

Indian Regional Newspapers
(Languages : Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kanada and etc):
Aaj Tak, Bhaskar, Sakshi, Dinamalar, Dinamani, Oneindia, mathrubhumi, Jagran and etc.

Shopping and Electronics:
ebay, Letsbuy, LG, Samsung, Nokia, HP and etc.

Social Networking:
Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Gmail, Hotmail and etc.

Indian Newspapers, Technology News and Business news..

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