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Newspaper Pro with NO ADS for local and world news: Read the major news for your country, or quickly change country for different selections of newspapers.

- The app has a "full desktop version of news site" option, which allows you to read newspapers which are usually only available by subscription on their mobile newspaper version.

* Add newspapers (long-click on a newspaper) or other websites onto the FAVOURITES TAB.
* Change font size.
* Select & Copy text inside the newspaper
* Newspaper pages are cached for faster navigation, and deleted on exit to save memory.
* Save newspaper article to SD for later reading
* Share article
* Add your own newspaper!
* App 2 SD
* Supports Flash Video
* Perfectly compatible with Tablets (Honeycomb, Android 3.0+)

Local and National Newspapers from over 30 countries, for a total of over 3,000 newspapers are included.

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