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    Best RSS reader(news reader). Besides providing digest reading, full content online reading and news management; NewsRadar RSS reader(news reader) also provides RSS subscription management, news Prefetching and full content offline reading. Enjoy the fabulous RSS reading experience on the limited screen size with NewsRadar.


    **Offline News**
    With the unique web analysis technique and news fetching in advance, NewsRadar RSS Reader(news reader) will help to reduce the cellular traffic and present you a comfortable reading experience on the limited screen size. NewsRadar is the best RSS reader(news reader) to present you the most readable news anytime anywhere.

    **Reading Themes**
    NewsRadar RSS Reader(news reader) provides a set of reading themes including day, night and favorite themes; You can even customize these theme including background color and font color, at the same time the font size is scalable; all of these will Help to content your eyes while enjoying the hottest News.

    **RSS Subscription**
    News Radar RSS Reader(news reader) Coming with a rich list of RSS feed covering hottest news, business, political, arts, fashion, sports etc, just a click can subscribe or unsubscribe the feeds, even you can add your own favorite RSS feeds manually.

    **News Share**
    Want to hare the hottest news with your friends, just click the share button. NewsRadar RSS reader(news reader) will guide you sending the news to your friends including the news title and news URL by SMS.

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