ObRss PRO: news and weather



Get news and weather from around the world.
PRO version with removed ads.

Want it as a widget on the screen, long press where you want it and select it from the menu.
Feed - Choose RSS feeds from major newspapers.
Add feed - add a new feed, you can also take a feed to edit a new feed from it.
Edit feed - create your own feed
Update your feed - set the time for updating feed.
Update display - set time to update the widget.
Weather - click to get the weather for the current location, it will search for the nearest location.
Set Weather - edit a range of weather, see yr.no.
Units - select Metric or Imperial units.
No images - Do not display images in the RSS list.

To get weather updates touch "Weather" in the Settings menu and activate it in the "Add Feed"

Need a new feed from the same newspaper, or a new one? Edit one of the existing, the old feed still exists, and the new one is added at the end of the list.

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