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    We are “OPTIMUM Magazine”, is a monthly men’s lifestyle magazine that started in October 2010. We have closed the gap of diversity in print publications. We take pride in bringing you the best and we will continue to strive for Optimum results to satisfy our subscribers. OPTIMUM Magazine focuses on articles and information for the millennium man. We offer our readers the HOTTEST Models, insightful and sometimes humorous discussions on music, movies, fashion, politics, sports, health and fitness, business, money, community affairs, the HOTTEST Models and sex and sexuality and so much more. Did we mention the HOTTEST Models? OPTIMUM is always an in-depth and provocative editorial which emphasizes the importance of a man’s well being in his daily life, in his relationships and with society at large.

    It is the mission of OPTIMUM Magazine to completely commit to its readers. Our multicultural media format will allow us to reach all cultures. We tap into society and its continuous changing events. OPTIMUM Magazine will focus on progressive adult men and provide them with a media source upon which they can relate and grow. We will provide vibrant images and thought provoking content to stimulate their minds, bodies and souls.