QuakeFrenzy is a cross-platform mobile application that notifies you about earthquakes and if you have friends near any earthquakes.


- Be informed as soon as earthquakes are detected in places of your interest or if loved ones are in earthquake areas.
- Search for and display friends' locations based on their last saved location.
- Cross-Platform: Allows adding of other mobile platform users as friends.
- Custom filters to enable filtering of earthquakes by map location simply by placing a pin on the map.
- Display latest earthquakes on a timely basis.(Our servers are updated every few minutes).
- Search for and display earthquakes dating back as far as mid July 2011.
- View earthquakes via a map view instead of a list.
- Subscribe to custom locations by simply adding a pin on the map.
- Alternatively, subscribe to any earthquakes above a certain magnitude anywhere in the world.
- Assign nicknames to any QuakeFrenzy contacts.
- View notification history.