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    If you experience any problems with a subreddit and/or the new version - drop me a mail!

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    Discover the all new redditmag! redditmag+ lets you browse reddit visually, with large preview images for the posts and an almost endless stream of content.

    redditmag+ is full of new, often requested, features, like:
    ▸ New Honecomb and ICS based UI
    ▸ Tablet compatibility
    ▸ Dynamic column count, based on the screen size
    ▸ Better performance
    ▸ Hardware accelerated (on supported devices)
    ▸ Caching of images
    ▸ Image download (only Android 2.3+)
    ▸ Better NSFW-mode

    redditmag+ features the following subreddits:
    ▸ pics
    ▸ funny
    ▸ itookapicture
    ▸ earthporn (not really porn!)
    ▸ cityporn (not really porn!)
    ▸ spaceporn (not really porn!)
    ▸ trees
    ▸ gaming
    ▸ windowshots
    ▸ aww
    ▸ wallpapers
    ▸ wallpaper
    ▸ battlestations
    ▸ fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
    ▸ adviceanimals
    ▸ frontpage

    But wait - There's more! Add any subreddit you'd like too!

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