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• This application for
The RSS Reader is a simple RSS-registered by default IT-known sites.

Because the site is registered in advance often read like a typical SE · PG can be read immediately after you install the application without having to register your own RSS subscriptions.

IT related news
When people want to see a bit ·
Topics people are looking for a story ·
• Industry into one vertical,
• Industry students interested in
The application, among others.

Working version: Andorid 2.3.3 API Level 10
Tested environments:
au INFOBAR a01
docomo Xperia Arc

• This application can do
Subscribe to Articles RSS Site • Registration has been
· Coordination of the article to other applications
(Twitter app, Evernote, etc. SNS)
Cooperation to reduce URL when applications · Other
• If you want to subscribe to RSS site registered users (up to 50)
Together to open an external browser · posts

FURTHER want to implement this feature in the application
※ corresponding period pending
If the author can not due to lack of skill ※ ...

• Offline support
· Coloring corresponding read articles
• Over Widgets
Sort feature list implemented · RSS
· Google Reader import functionality from implementation

In addition, whenever possible if the user requests from our guests with ...

· Disclaimer
In the event of loss, such as the unlikely event of data corruption by using this app, I assume no responsibility for any damage, please note.

The accuracy of the information displayed on this application is not guaranteed. Using this application, please note no responsibility for any damage arising from any use or inability.

· From the author
The application was created to study the creation assigned Android apps anyway. I do not lead some people made a run for the color.
Requests for improvements to the bug report but would like to support as possible, spare time work, or sometimes not so slow to create and support a fully private.

The authors also take time to respond because I think some parts are missing 2-month history of technical development for Android apps.

Please be forewarned.

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