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In this digital complex world, you hardly get time to be updated on news of your field. So this is the reason that why we have build this application for you. In our application we basically provide the RSS news of main 6 field of search engine. Here we are providing you the quality RSS news of some great website. You can also share these news. This is the one stop solution to be updated from one application rather to go to every website for checking news. Our categories are as follows.

1. Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the process of making a website more relevant to the search engine as well as the local or global people who are searching for their desired needs. Also it is the process of increasing traffic on your website in order to increase the customers or clients of to of your business.

2. Social Media - Social media is one kind of tool which allows you to share the information or the data by creating communities though which you can connect with many people.

3. Link Building – In this process, company gets a quality websites to link your website in order to increase the traffic of your website and to improve the search engine rankings.

4. Inbound Marketing – This is the method of marketing in which the marketing has to be done which can help people or customers to find their relevant products online easily.

5. Content Marketing – This is an umbrella term in which it includes creation of content such as article, blogs, Press release and much more. Also the sharing of content comes in this term.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization – It is the method in which a company creates an experience by creating a landing page or other stuff which can create an overall percentage of the visitors to its website.

We provide the RSS feeds of all these topics from a well reputed website of news providing.

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