Smoke-Filled World




    Ethan Bearman is an experienced entrepreneur having worked with the Fortune 500 in the realm of security and large systems technology. He is now a captivating, prolific writer and host of Smoke-Filled World. The show breaks new ground while shattering traditional notions and transcending the cultural ideas of liberal and conservative. Ethan has his finger on the trans-national pulse. Each week, he cuts through the smoke-filled world of politics and current events to bring key issues and figures into sharper view. Ethan puts America first while sorting through the chaos veiling truths from the will of the public. By deconstructing the latest in bills, ballots, initiatives and movements in the nation and across the world, Ethan sheds light on what's relevant today by providing a clear understanding of what it all means to YOU. Tune in to the show for interviews with compelling and connected guests. Ethan will be taking your calls while presenting ideas that are left, right, and forward.

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