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    I have a question, but something made her application [2? 】

    2 channel full-scale application is finally here! !
    Of course, you can cry and talk talk funny, naughty little mass update daily stories and scary story! !
    Chan's article concludes with this app all the other 2! !

    "News Summary Channel 2" as the name
    Sure I have put together two very popular among her,
    Summary of Channel 2 is the site viewer earnest.

    Updated every 10 minutes, the article updates the more than 300 articles every day!
    Site or blog to get the articles from a variety of summary,
    It is also satisfied with the volume of VIPPER ☆
    Function read / unread articles Easy to be flying like a storm is managed!

    Increasingly popular latest articles and new articles,
    Ranking month-week course,
    I got a lot of support from many users so far,
    You can easily see through "News Hall of Fame"!

    In addition,
    Definitive article you want to read it again to save the function "Favorites"
    You can read about the article you've viewed in the past as well, "history function",
    Satisfied with top-class quality among Android apps ☆

    To kill time in commuting,
    And to pass the time in the toilet!

    The thing to talk about with your friends! Of course, some people do not have any friends!
    Entertainment to enjoy the real world full of!

    Please try to use this "News Summary Channel 2" means ☆

    The main function of the application
    · New, increasingly popular articles for information
    Regularly updated and
    Ranking Week
    Monthly Ranking
    Hall of Fame News
    Functions and favorites (bookmarks)
    Function and history
    Function and read / unread
    Functions and share
    YouTube video playback functions and

    Quality Speed ​​[2ch] New
    News painful (ノ ∀ `)
    -Alfalfa mosaic
    · "24NEWS freshly caught" Summary specialty AKB48 · SEK48
    -Other, over 300 sites!

    ※ This app is automatically retrieved articles using the RSS feed.

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