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Taiwan News Reader aggregates news content from several mainstream news/media from Taiwan. It provides the best news reading experience on devices of all sizes, including phones and tablets.

Some highlighted features include:

- We suport Android devices of all sizes. The app is optimized for best layout and resolution on even large size tablets.
- We have designed an extremely easy UI. You can easily navigate throughout the entire app with just one hand.
- We provide a home widget so that you can quickly browse the most real time news right from the home screen. (Supported in Honeycomb or later only)
- Do you only want to read from a selected number of news categories? We let you customize and reorder the news categories so that the reading experience is tailored to your needs.
- You can customize the font size freely so that it's easy on the eyes even on tablets.
- Do you prefer photos than text? As long as there is a photo associated with the news article, we will show it.
- Dying to share a great news article with friends and colleagues after reading? We have built in a comprehensive suite of sharing capabilities, allowing you to easily share via email, Facebook, or even SMS!

Great apps don't get created in a vacuum. It requires lots of time and effort by your favorite developer. You can support and make this app better by making a donation to the developer and rating us on the Android Play Market.

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