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The Herald app is designed to let you read a daily edition of The Herald and Sunday Herald newspapers wherever you are, 7 days a week.

Get access to Scotland’s best journalism with the latest Scottish news, sport and opinion, plus the Glasgow Herald’s renowned coverage of business, politics, arts and culture. And of course the famous Herald Diary is there too.

Enjoy news from in and around Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland in the perfect format for your Android phone or tablet. Download a daily edition of The Herald or Sunday Herald on wi-fi and you can then access all your Scottish news straight from The Herald app, even when you have no wi-fi or phone signal.

The Herald and Sunday Herald app is free to download. To access an edition you need to sign up to the phone or tablet subscription package on the heraldscotland website. Then just sign in with your heraldscotland details and enjoy not just the latest edition of The Herald and Sunday Herald, Scotland’s favourite quality newspaper, plus 4 weeks’ worth of back issues.

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