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The Social Radio for Twitter allows you to listen to a bot reading your Twitter Timeline

  • Great idea
  • Integration with other music apps
  • Web version (beta)
  • Beta
  • No difference between @, # and tweet content
  • Can't follow streams (just TL)

"Excuse me? I was listening to my TimeLine"

Those who don't like to miss a single tweet of their Timeline have probably realized an inconvenient: when you're jogging, driving or at the office, it's difficult to follow your TL. The reason? You can't (or you shouldn't!) read in that situations.

The Social Radio for Twitter has started as a a great service (for both web and mobile devices): after login with your Twitter account, a bot will track your tweets and phrase them (lots of language supported, and automatic language detection for each tweet). That's a great idea, we agree. However, what it's really interesting is that you can play your playlist while you are tuning your timeline. Actually, from the Android version you can play music from local or use Google Music or any other music app installed in your device. For example, imagine that you're at gym: you can use your phone to play your favorite music while The Social Radio is phrasing the tweets of your timeline as they were radio ads. The same for when you're driving.

Although the idea is great, this a beta, not the final stable version, and there are some catches that should be fixed. For example, there's a delay since the tweet is posted until the bot phrases it (2-3min). What's more, the bot should alert if he's talking about an user(@), hastag(#) or tweet content (it doesn't make it so far). Finally, it just phrases your timeline, not your direct messages or other streams. The Social Radio will be really useful to follow streams of events (#) in real-time, while you listen to your favorite music.

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