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The TLDR Reader is a streamlined, summarized news reader that also gives you short summaries of any web page for Android phones and tablets.

TLDR Reader utilizes over 100 feeds in 14 news categories for over 20,000 news articles every day. Each article is automatically summarized into a short paragraph for fast reading. This helps you quickly decide which news is most important to you, so you can read the full article using the integrated TLDR Browser.

Wish you could TLDR any web page? You can! Just surf to the page and tap the TLDR button to generate a summary of the page.

And now that Summly has been discontinued by Yahoo, TLDR Reader remains the only news app for Android that gives you summarized news at a glance.

TLDR Reader also incorporates an integrated search to find related news. Just use the "find more like" button to quickly show more headlines and summaries from related stories.

Thanks to the growing popularity of Stremor's TLDR Plugin for the desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, that also summarizes any web page, TLDR Reader brings the science of language heuristics into the palm of your hand.


• Get hundreds of up-to-the-minute headlines from each of 14 news categories, each with multiple sources. Categories include News, Business, Sports, Technology, Science, Entertainment, Politics, and more.

• Tap a headline to instantly expand into a short summary. Tap again to read the full story on the source web site.

• Swipe to engage language heuristics search to find related stories from across the web.

• Each related story comes with its own summary for fast reading of news coverage from other sources.

• Swipe again to search for more related stories to the related story, each with a short summary again! (this is madness!)

• Explore web results from our language heuristics search engine in our integrated TLDR Browser for mobile.

• Surf the web on your own in the TLDR Browser - and if you find a long page, just tap the TLDR button to immediately generate a summary as well as a short/medium/long version of the article.

All this in a beautiful and efficient interface that places the priority where it should be, on the information you need right now.

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