Truthseeker is for discerning news junkies that don't buy the line fed by mainstream media. This app is a source of many alternative news sources - Podcasts, radio, video and web links.

Hear the latest podcasts from Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Ron Paul, Democracy Now, The Young Turks, The Corbett Report, Scott Horton, Richard Syrett, Conspiracy Queries, Red Ice Radio, Mike Malloy, Clyde Lewis, Inception Radio, Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, Radio Misterioso and The Unexplained with Howard Hughes and news feeds from Max Keiser, RT, Wikileaks, InfoWars, Craig Murray, Prison Planet, David Icke, 9/11 Truth and plus video from Abby Martin, Max Keiser, Alex Jones, Lee Camp and more.
All sources are constantly updated and free.

Truthseeker has no political agenda.

Truthseeker just gives you access to the news behind the news and let's you make up your own mind.

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