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    USA News Today is an application for reading all updated news in U.S. such as Breaking News, Top Headlines, Politics, Business, Sports, Tweets News, News Tag, News Clips on YouTube, News on Facebook Page including World News from many U.S. and International Publishers and RSS Feed sources.

    There're others information updates such as Currency Exchange Rate, Gasoline Price, Gold Price, Weather Forcast in U.S. including World Stock Index.

    We hope this application will be more useful to you and we will keep update for more news sources.

    U.S. News Sources:
    - USA Today
    - The New York Times
    - The Wall Street Journal
    - The Washington Post
    - Los Angeles Times
    - NY Daily News
    - New York Post
    - San Jose Mercury News
    - Chicago Tribune
    - Chicago Sun-Times
    - The Dallas Morning News
    - Houston Chronicle
    and more...

    World News Sources
    - CNN
    - Yahoo! News
    - BBC News
    - The Telegraph
    - The Guardian
    - AFP
    - Reuters
    - ABC News
    - Fox News
    - AP

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