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What is Console-Spot?

Console-Spot is the most reliable mobile video game news service available to provide you news reports re-guarding any gaming or technology related news. We also feature daily screenshot, trailers, and press releases.

We are partner's with several gaming publishers and developers, to bring you unbiased game and product reviews.

Console-Spot is known in the video game world for being a top leader in gaming news since 2004, so if you aren't already a reader, here is your convenient mobile application to help you get started!


Why should I read Console-Spot??

We are an unbiased news source, if we review a product, game, gadget. We will give you our true honest opinion on the product!

We have updated daily Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo News!

If you have a news tip or any type of question, or would like to submit your product for review, please contact for a super fast response!


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