Who Said What When 2012



Trip down memory lane.

Remember the 2012 elections? Here are the VIDEOS and DIRECT QUOTES from 2012 Political Candidates

The quotes are grouped into themes:
Energy & Environment
Foreign Policy
Law Enforcement
Social Issues
The list of themes might expand as the political landscape changes and new topics gain prominence.

Political Candidates that were covered:
Barack Obama, Democrat (President of the United States – incumbent)
Mitt Romney, Republican (President of the United States – candidate)
Joe Biden, Democrat (Vice President of the United States - incumbent)
Paul Ryan, Republican (Vice President of the United States - candidate)
John Barrasso, Republican (US Senate WY - incumbent)
Michael Baumgartner, Republican (US Senate WA - candidate)
John Boehner, Republican (US House of Representatives OH - incumbent)
Dan Bongino, Republican (US Senate MD - candidate)
Scott Brown, Republican (US Senate MA - incumbent)
Sherrod Brown, Democrat (US Senate OH- incumbent)
Eric Cantor, Republican (US House of Representatives VI - incumbent)
Maria Cantwell, Democrat (US Senate WA - incumbent)
Ben Cardin, Democrat (US Senate MD - incumbent)
Tom Carper, Democrat (US Senate DE - incumbent)
Bob Casey, Democrat (US Senate PA - incumbent)
Bob Corker, Republican (US Senate TN - incumbent)
Cynthia Dill, Democrat (US Senate ME - candidate)
Joe Donnelly, Democrat (US Senate IN - candidate)
Dick Durbin, Democrat (US Senate IL - incumbent)
Elizabeth Emken, Republican (US Senate CA - candidate)
Dianne Feinstein, Democrat (US Senate CA - incumbent)
Deb Fischer, Republican (US Senate NE - candidate)
Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat (US Senate MA - incumbent)
Orrin Hatch, Republican (US Senate UT - incumbent)
Martin Heinrich, Democrat (US Senate NM - candidate)
Dean Heller, Republican (US Senate NV - incumbent)
Scott Howell, Democrat (US Senate UT - candidate)
Steny Hoyer, Democrat (US House of Representatives MD - incumbent)
Darrell Issa, Republican (US House of Representatives CA - incumbent)
Bob Kerrey, Democrat (US Senate NE - candidate)
Angus King, Independent (US Senate ME - candidate)
Amy Klobuchar, Democrat (US Senate MN - incumbent)
Joseph Kyrillos, Republican (US Senate NJ - candidate)
Joe Manchin, Democrat (US Senate WV - incumbent)
Josh Mandel, Republican (US Senate OH - candidate)
Claire McCaskill, Democrat (US Senate MO - incumbent)
Mitch McConnell, Republican (US Senate KY - incumbent)
Bob Menendez, Democrat (US Senate NJ - incumbent)
Richard Mourdock, Republican (US Senate IN - candidate)
Bill Nelson, Democrat (US Senate FL - incumbent)
Nancy Pelosi, Democrat (US House of Representatives CA - incumbent)
John Raese, Republican (US Senate WV - candidate)
Denny Rehberg, Republican (US Senate MT - candidate)
Harry Reid, Democrat (US Senate NV - incumbent)
Bernie Sanders, Independent (US Senate VT - incumbent)
Debbie Stabenow, Democrat (US Senate MI - incumbent)
Charles Summers, Republican (US Senate ME - candidate)
Jon Tester, Democrat (US Senate MT - incumbent)
Elizabeth Warren, Democrat (US Senate MA - candidate)
Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat (US Senate RI - incumbent)
Roger Wicker, Republican (US Senate MS - incumbent)
Heather Wilson, Republican (US Senate NM - candidate)

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