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POCKET READER is a must have app which brings more than 17,000 newspaper from over 200 countries, more than 40,000 blogs, thousand of magazines, youtube video channels and other useful links at one place for you to easily read.


• Covers more than 200 countries featuring over 17,000 newspapers
• Categorized on a country, state/province level for fast searching
• Ability to bookmark favorite newspaper
• Read it later feature to read important articles later
• Suggested popular newspaper to get started.

• Featuring over 40,000 blogs and 2,500 magazines neatly categorized in over 100 sub categories
• Ability to bookmark favorite blogs/magazine and also Read It Later features

• Featuring more than 2,000 Youtube channels over 120 categories
• Tight integration to Youtube app
• Ability to bookmark favorite channels

• Other Useful sites bunch together for easy access.
• Ability to bookmark and Read It Later features

• AUTO UPDATE of new additions of newspaper, blogs, magazine etc.
• SHARE articles quickly from within the app itself
• SUBMIT link request to add any site not covered in our databases
• SETTINGS to customize your reading preferences, text size, zoom level, loading of images etc. for best reading experience
• APP UPDATES to notify major additions, changes to the app.

• OFFLINE RSS READER a mobile alternative to Google Reader

1. This app is not affiliated to any Newspaper, magazines, Youtube, Blogs or other publication medium.
2. This app provides an easy way to bookmark and read your favorite newspapers, blogs, magazines, view youtube channels and interesting websites from your mobile phone itself. We further state that this app does not provides any copyright / trademark data apart from the one already available on public domain via a normal web browser.
3. We have hand curated thousands of links to make this app and plan to do periodic spot checks on them to ensure they reflect the correct source. However, we cannot gaurantee the authencity of each and every link. Further, we are not responsible for any offensive or objectionable content displayed on any of the links which might hurt user sentiments. The ownership lies solely to the creator of the website or blog owners.
4. We encourage users to use the submit link or feedback buttons to report us about any broken links or links displaying offensive and objectionable materials. Prompt action will be taken for all reported incidents.

We appreciate your valuable feedback. If you find any bug or have any feature request please contact us at

Let us try and resolve any bug or feature request before giving a negative rating. If you liked this app, do share it with your friends and colleagues.

We are a Mumbai based start-up company providing Mobile and Web Development services. We are always excited to hear from our users and build a lasting relationship by bringing useful apps and web services.

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