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Diet Buzz includes news reviews and information about top diets:

DASH: This plan allows for all kinds of meats fruits vegetables & grains. Big no-nos? Foods loaded with salt sugar & fat.

TLC: Promotes cardiovascular health & cuts high-fat dairy (butter) & fatty meats (salami).

Mediterranean: Diet emphasizes olive oil fish & other sea staples red wine in addition to physical activity.

Mayo Clinic Diet

Weight Watchers: Fruits & vegetables have zero points so you can go hog wild on the greens.

Flexitarian: Proteins from tofu beans lentils peas nuts seeds eggs. Soy milk on cereal for breakfast black bean soup for lunch a barbecue veggie burger for dinner.

Volumetrics: Divide foods into very low-density (fruits & vegetables nonfat milk), low-density (grains breakfast cereal low-fat meat)” “medium density (other meats cheese bread ice cream), high-density (c&y chips). Focus: lower-density foods.

Jenny Craig

Biggest Loser

Ornish: Dean Ornish's plan of nutrition exercise stress management & emotional support. Attacks heart disease ditching “most foods with any cholesterol or refined carbohydrates oils excessive caffeine nearly all animal products not egg whites.”

Traditional Asian Diet: Rice noodles breads corn whole grains fruits veggies legumes seeds nuts vegetable oil. Red meat is allowed once/month.

Vegetarian: Meat chicken & fish are banned but not milk dairy products. Reach 2000 calories a day

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Dr. Weil’s plan includes green tea & dark chocolate: combats cancer & other degenerative diseases.

Slimfast: It’s all about calorie counts portion control

Spark Solution Diet

Flat Belly Diet: Baby carrots cucumbers grape tomatoes skim milk extra-virgin olive oil sunflower seeds applesauce chicken breasts organic deli roast turkey tilapia fresh or dried basil.


Abs Diet: Protein with every meal in hopes of sparking lean muscle growth & fat burn. Meals are rich in foods almonds beans spinach instant oatmeal eggs peanut butter raspberries olive oil & whole grains.

The Energy 2 Diet: Rip Esselstyn’s plant-rich diet claims to fight heart disease diabetes Alzheimer’s & cancer.

South Beach Diet: Vegetables fish eggs low-fat dairy lean protein such as chicken & turkey whole grains & nuts. Saturated & trans fats are strongly discouraged.

Vegan Diet: Vegetarians have to go another step here by avoiding all dairy & eggs.

Eco-Atkins: Starchy options: white bread rice potatoes & baked goods on ‘don’t-eat’ list while fruit vegetables whole-grain cereal whole-wheat bread & oats are recommended

The Glycemic Index Diet: Good carbs: bran cereal apples & carrots. Bad carbs: white bread & instant mashed potatoes.

Zone Diet: Meal times are calling for food at least once every five hours. Pasta bread cereals & potatoes are no-nos.

Macrobiotic diets: Brown rice barley oats rye buckwheat leafy greens root beans & soybean tofu & tempeh. Chewed 50 times to aid digestion.

Medifast: Specific dieters: diabetics seniors teens vegetarians & nursing mothers. Side effects: leg cramps dizziness fatigue headaches loose skin hair loss rashes gas diarrhea bad breath constipation & menstrual changes.

Acid-Alkaline Diet: Bans acid-forming foods: red meats whole dairy products breads high in yeast wheat products sugary snacks ketchup mayonnaise salad dressings croutons & coffee.

The Fast Diet: Dieters should consult a doctor before taking on such a drastic regimen.

Atkins: Radical carb dump & heavy consumption of meat. Concerns include a higher risk of heart disease & other cardiovascular problems.

Raw Food Diet: Raw food not cooked processed microwaved irradiated genetically engineered or exposed to pesticides or herbicides.

Dukan: Non-starchy vegetables: cucumbers mushrooms zucchini peppers & salad greens. No grains & fruits.

Paleo: Caveman didn’t eat it? You shouldn’t either.

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