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Moneylife, an Essential Tool for Learning-Earning-Spending-Investing Cycle.

Moneylife is a fortnightly magazine with unique features and powerful pedigree. It empowers the individual to invest and spend wisely by offering hard facts, insightful opinions, unbiased options and useful tips from the world of money. Moneylife is essential not only for those early in the earnings-spending-investing cycle but also those wanting to optimise their value of investments and plan for a financially trouble-free education, marriage and retirement.

September 5 2013:
While banks argue that customers must pay for the convenience of modern banking, there is a growing sense of frustration among customers about the constant, stealthy increase in bank charges. But many don’t even know what exactly these charges are

August 22 2013:
Scary anecdotal evidence, poor performance, opaque disclosure standards and candid responses to our online survey—all show that portfolio management schemes, aggressively pushed by brokers and banksters, are weapons of wealth destruction. Debashis Basu & Jason Monteiro bring you the first-ever detailed analysis of this financial service

August 8 2013:
From the quote of your car-dealer, to insurance company websites, to aggregator websites for the lowest deal and calling brokers and agents, Raj Pradhan finds that there is a lot to be said about the differences in premium among various channels. Explore different parameters which help you to reduce the premium and avoid questionable ways to reduce it

July 25 2013:
From food, clothing, education, hobbies and healthcare to entertainment and caretaker costs—having a child costs you a lot more than love and emotional energy

11 July 2013:
As the sharply falling rupee pushes a weak Indian economy into a turbulent patch, where are stocks, bonds and gold headed and what should you be doing?

27 June 2013:
Bank depositors are the single largest block of financial consumers, across all economic strata. Could regulators pay more heed to their problems, such as ever-increasing service charges, hard-sell of non-banking products by banksters, technological glitches and poor redress of their grievances, ask Sucheta Dalal & Debashis Basu

13 june 2013:
Our annual ranking of 20 fund houses in all important categories of equity schemes, by Jason Monteiro. If you are buying equity funds, make sure you have this study on hand

May 30 2013:
Our in-depth analysis exposes the seamy side of timeshares while our survey of 450 users shows huge dissatisfaction

May 16 2013:
Is gold headed lower? Even so, is ‘investment’ in gold really safe? What do we really know about gold prices? The many myths and the few facts of gold, explained in detail

May 2, 2013:
Which are these? Is it worth buying them? At what prices?,YourMoney,India-focused Companies,Diamonds Are Forever because They’re Hard To Sell!

April 18 2013:
It’s been 18 months since the launch of the much-hyped portability of health insurance. Raj Pradhan finds out what works and what does not in health insurance portability

April 4 2013:
Given that interest rates have declined by 75 basis points over the year and may remain at the current levels, bond schemes may do well. Which bond schemes are worth buying?

December 27, 2013:
Government companies are coming out with Rs53,500 crore worth of tax-free bond issues. Fakery syndrome, property right mirage and more...

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