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Formerly known as the NPR Podcaster Science Tech,, we have re-packaged this app to include more podcasts on science and technology, from cutting edge research to the latest gadgets, sourced from NPR and beyond. Introducing, THE PODCASTER - SCIENCE & TECH. All your favorite podcasts and programs from NPR that had been part of the old NPR Podcaster Science Tech app, but now also including other programs from Scientific American, PBS, and more.

Disclaimer: Note that neither this app nor Fedora Nate Studios is affiliated with NPR, PRI, APM, Scientific American, AAAS, Star Talk, or CBC in anyway. The use of the podcasts were setup using publicly available feeds.

KISS simple interface and controls to cut down on the clutter.

Programs that are part of the new THE PODCASTER SCIENCE & TECH app:

NPR's RadioLab
Science Friday
Discovery Now
KQED Quest Science Radio
NPR Environment
PRI Living On Earth
NPR Climate Connections
Your Health
Digital Age
Engines of Our Ingenuity
NPR Technology
Future Tense
Geek Speak
Scientific American Science Talk
SciAm 60 Second Science
SciAm 60 Second Mind
SciAm 60 Second Earth
SciAm 60 Second Space
SciAm 60 Second Health
SciAm 60 Second Tech
Science Magazine Podcast
Startalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson
CBC Spark with Nora Young

Please send us an email if there are any programs that you'd like us to add and we'll be happy to add them on future updates.

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