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The Tri-Valley Times.
Printed on your Android tablet.

e-Edition keeps the Tri-Valley Times at your fingertips, with every article and picture intact - even the funnies. And our Android tablet version delivers all the content with a faster, simpler interface:

* World-class national and global news, plus in-depth local coverage from the Tri-Valley Times newsroom.
* Entertainment with the latest on movies, music, dining and other great stuff to see and do.
* On-the-money Business news, an all-star Sports section and much more.
* Razor-sharp views of every word, photo and image exactly as it appears in print.
* Streamlined navigation for readers on the go: Flip pages, zoom on articles, rotate to landscape mode.
* Tap any article with two fingers to convert to full-screen text.
* Includes archive access to every issue published in the past 30 days.

If you like our app, please remember to leave a five-star rating. This motivates us to continue to deliver the best in local news for our audience.

To celebrate the launch of our new app, we are providing access to our content via the e-Edition Android app FREE for a limited time.

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