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"One Pound Fish" often stylised as £1 Fish is a novelty song performed by British-based Pakistani trader and recording artist Muhammad Shahid Nazir, credited as £1 Fish Man. It was released on December 7, 2012 for digital download in the United Kingdom on iTunes. The song peaked at number 29 in the UK Singles Chart on December 23, 2012.

Now make this a viral app!

How To Save As Ringtone
1) Go to "Sounds and Ringtones"
2) Press and hold any of the sounds
3) The prompt box will appear
4) Choose if you want to set as ringtone or alarm

How to Set Ringtone to Contact
1) Go to Sounds and Ringtones
2) Set the sound that you want to assign to your contact as ringtone (Set as ringtone) - This will set your default ringtone
3) Go to Contact
4) Select your contact and go to Ringtones (At this point, it should set as Default)
5) Press and select Ringtones. The sound should be available here
6) Now go to Settings
7) Go to Sound
8) Set the Default Ringtone to your original ringtone
9) How it works that is that you must select the sound as a default ringtone first, then you can select it for your contacts.

This app was tested on Samsung SII and P1000. Please email me for any issues.


Snippets to be Saved As Ringtone or Notifications
Official YouTube
Official Facebook page
Official Twitter
SoundCloud Player

Please email me for any feedback or things to improve on.

Copyrights of the song:Warner Music UK

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