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    Lucky number 12 and its uniqueness presentation through Wallpaper Mobile Apps.
    The Millennium Uniqueness 12-12-12 is having 12 Unique Live Wallpapers. This apps followed the Number 12 secret and proved its beauty and relevance to Earth.

    It is often mentioned, that according to the Mayan prophecy, the coming of the New Year 2013 would face the Apocalypse. Truthfully, I feel that such an idea is thoughtless and that to any reasonable person it is clear that nothing will happen even remotely like the Apocalypse. Nevertheless, as I have announced in the book „The Secret of the Number Twelve“, it is certain that during the year 2013, maybe precisely at the close of the summer, a significant event will happen that will mark world history for the next 12 years, all to the year 2025. The reasoning behind this is that in the year 2001 there was the attack to the WTC towers in New York, which represent a crucial political event of the 21st century, while an entire chain of similar events starts in 1917 and unfolds in regular intervals of twelve years. Obviously, again something will occur that is connected to the USA, and today I would try to announce what could happen in the “fatal” year 2013.

    Here are some random facts about this number that you probably didn't know...

    1. There are 12 months in a year.
    2. There are 12 hours in face of analogue clock.
    3. There are 12 inches in a foot.
    4. A dozen is a quantity that means twelve.
    5. A gross is twelve dozen.
    6. In astrology, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac.
    7. In the Bible, Jacob had 12 sons.
    8. Jesus had twelve disciples.
    9. Twelve tribes were started after Moses led his people out of Egypt.
    10. Twelve in Roman Numerals is XII.
    11. A group of twelve things is called a Duodecad.
    12. The 12th moon of Jupiter is called Lysithea.
    13. D12 is a rap group also known as the Dirty Dozen.
    14. In English, twelve is the largest number that has just one syllable.
    15. There are twelve pairs of ribs in the human body – normally.
    16. Twelve men have walked on the Earth's moon.
    17. There are 12 stars on the Flag of Europe.
    18. January the 5th is also the Twelfth Day of Christmas.
    19. Under British law, when you reach the age of 12 you can buy a pet.
    20. When you reach the age of 12, you can legally watch a 12 certificate film.
    21. On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Twelve Drummers Drumming...

    Features of the application:-
    1) User Friendly and Interactive User Interface.
    2) Categories are set in Grid for easy view.
    3) Rare Collection of 12 unique Lucky Wallpapers.
    4) Application available on both phone and tablet.

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