17 Ways to say I Love You




    “True love is worth waiting for even if it takes a lifetime. Then in return a lifetime of love will be waiting for you.”

    This App with 17 ways to say I Love You is a perfect app for all the lovers who want to express their love, whether you want to express it to their friends or to your family members. No matter, from where they belong from i.e. From which ever country.

    We have brought you something that you will really cherish. In this love app, you can learn as well as say I Love You in 17 different languages. Now for saying I Love You, you dont need to remember all the languages, you simply download this android app and say bye-bye to your worries like how to express your love to someone who is not aware of your language.

    How this 17 ways to say I Love You App works
    1. From the home page of app, click the chose your language button.
    2. Then, screen with 17 different languages will appear.
    3. Now, amongst 17 languages, chose the language in which you want to say I Love You.
    4. Then a screen will appear with I Love You written in language selected with an optionof Male and Female button.
    5. If you click on male button, then you will hear I Love You in Language Selected in male voice and Vice Versa for female.

    Go to Home->Press Menu
    On menu select Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->17 Ways To say I Love You App
    Exit the app

    If you like it, then share the live wallpaper on your droid smartphone with your friends, family and loved ones at facebook, twitter, google plus and gmail.

    Note: This LWP is free to install but may contain icons and push ads.

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