2013 year of the snake Widget



2013 year of the snake Widget

  Mascot 2013 - Black Water Snake. Black - is space, polar night, "darkness was over the abyss", the color of deep water. Black Snake brings people unexpected underlying changes, instability and volatility. That is why it is important to advance all the year of the Snake plan and properly evaluate before to do anything. Must be many times more cautious and circumspect.
The nature of people born in the year of the Snake. These are people sophisticated, are born with wisdom, taciturn. Their cases are always nice, but they are often stingy. Sometimes selfish and conceited. However, there may be an active part in their less fortunate brethren. Often behind the curve, not trusting the judgment of others, relying on themselves. Resolute and determined character, stung by their failure. Outwardly calm, but passionate. Usually different attraction of foreign and domestic, that for some of their frivolity leads to family complications.

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